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A Small Gift For Your Friend and Yourself

Many people get overwhelmed finding perfect holiday presents for their friends, coworkers, and families.

Stop stressing out and send the most trending, functional gift at the right moment.

🕹️ Productivity Boosters 🕹️

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Encourages a “handshake” posture to prevent muscle strain and wrist pain.

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Adjustable Laptop Stand

Improves forward head posture and rounded shoulder problems.

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Bluetooth Keyboard/USB Mouse

Enables you to carry them around anywhere without wires.

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What Makes You Anxious About Preparing a Gift?🤯

☑️ How much time and energy is endless present searching costing you?

☑️ Have you ever felt sorry for repeatedly sending out gift cards on special days due to lack of ideas?

☑️ How much money have you spent on presents that were almost never used by your friends in their daily life? 

☑️ How many times have you missed an opportunity to show appreciation and affection?


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Think about what they need the most and provide sincere support at the right time! Don't miss another chance to show how much you love them.

People give gifts as a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection. When we give gifts, it brings joy or pleasure to the receiver.

Here's Our Story

At MAVE, we know you are the kind of people who want to be a supportive, caring friend. In order to be that way, you need to express your love and appreciation, and gifting, one of the five love languages, is a great way to celebrate, comfort, and encourage your friends. The problem is the gift-giving process takes lots of time and energy, especially for brainstorming and searching, which makes you feel stressed or even anxious about gift preparation. We believe the gift-giving process should be a pleasant experience for both the sender and the receiver. We understand how it feels like to be overwhelmed by self-pressure to make your friends fully satisfied. That’s why we provide the most trending, functional gift products that would not only aesthetically delight, but also improve quality of everyday life. Here’s how it works (1) Pick a Present (2) Get it Delivered (3) Make Your Day, meaning yours and your friend’s. Shop now at MAVE, so you can stop getting stressed about give-giving and start having fun sending presents that your friends will love, in a simple process. 

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