The Best LA Coffee Shops I

June 08 2021 – MAVE OFFICIAL

Do you love coffee? If so, check out 5 best coffee shops in LA and their must-try drink menu we picked. Feel free to explore these places all over from Silver Lake to DTLA to make your day.   


No.1 Laveta

BEST : Iced Ube Latte, Laveta, Iced Caramel Latte

Iced Ube Latte - Rich, Creamy, Vanilla-Nutty

Laveta - Signature menu, Oat milk espresso, Agave

Iced Caramel Latte - A Hidden Gem


They have aesthetic minimalist and chic concrete interior and exterior.

No.2 Blue bottle

BEST : New Orleans

Creamy, Slightly sweet, Just right amount of bitterness


They sell cute blue bottle gifts ; mugs, bag, brewing pot etc. 

No.3 MARU Coffee

BEST : Cream Top 

Fragrant Acidic, Lusciously Creamy, Smooth


They are known as hip venue specialty coffee shop.

No.4 La Colombe

BEST : Draft Latte

Creamy, Light, Refreshing


They have the unique Silver Lake vibe.

No.5 Philz Coffee

BEST : Iced Mint Mojito

Minty Fresh, Sweet, Creamy 


"Don't judge by its name"