What is MAVE Brand Reviewee about?

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You may be eligible to be a MAVE Brand Reviewer if you… 

  • have an active social media account with a good engagement rate. 
  • enjoy communicating with your followers on a regular basis. 
  • love our products or would like to learn more about our brand.    

All sounds good?

Please submit an application here to become a MAVE Brand Reviewer.

*We will send you a notification email once you are selected. 

Q: "Yay, I’m selected! What's Next?"

MAVE Brand Reviewer Requirements 

Step 1: Fill out the MAVE Brand Reviewer form that we have sent you. 

Step 2: Complete a quick survey about the product you have received.

Step 3: Upload a review post with photos or videos on your social media.

Step 4: Share the social media link where you’ve posted. 

Q: "I didn't get any email, does that mean i wasn't selected?" 

Unfortunately, we only send the notification email upon approval. You are always welcomed to re-apply for different products any time.